Thursday, July 23, 2009

kick the can

hello i found this letter i wrote you ages ago i think i found it scrunched up behind a pile of underwear maybe but i can't really remember anyways it sounds a lot like i wrote it when i was high or something because i sound pretty hungry even though pot is the grossest thing ever anyway i guess it makes sense that this letter was forgotten about cos i was high and probably really hungry

dear q,
i wish you were still kicking around because don't you think it would be cool if we went on adventure to petone right now?? we could drink coke 'til our throats start bleeding and take pictures. then after our long adventure and almost dying on the motorway because neither of us know how to drive we could go and eat burger king and spaghetti bolognaise and fried rice and chips & dip and spinach, garlic & cheese toasties and cake and garlic mushrooms and cake and bacon and cake and bacon and fritters and cherry tomatoes and marinated artichokes and cheese and saag paneer and mango chicken and scrambled eggs and cake and bacon and french toast and roast duck and cake and bacon and chicken feet and other yum char tasties together. eating with someone is cool and maybe important. oh i miss you. eating with a book or television is lonelies, it is almost like there is no point. oh i have had horrible run-ins with married men lately and i want to tell you all about it.

ps. look at this cake, i would have made this for your birthday even though i am not sure if you really deserve it.


PurdyMouth said...
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Flora said...

Thankx for writing this about me.

narwhal said...

i wish you didn't delete yr comment, jacky. it was nicefest. x